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My family is rather wonderful.

And insane.

When I got home earlier this week, there was a wrapping-paper covered box on the table. Scraper and brush, a fastlane transponder (my mother is paying my tolls for the semester since I'm gonna be spending $30 a week on parking alone; clearly she is a wonderful human being), my dad's tomtom (he's ordered a new one, with a bigger screen, so he can actually SEE it), a gallon of wiper fluid, and a car charger for my phone that my dad found online for a dollar or two.

There's the wonderful. Now for the insane. I confess this amused me altogether too much.

Last night, Mom & Bro & I were out at the yarn store, where my mother was a bad influence and talked me into buying purple yarn to make my aunt a scarf. Granted, my aunt gave me her old car, so she definitely deserves a thank you present, but I was only planning on browsing.

On the way home, while discussing dinner possibilities, my brother misspoke, causing fits of convulsive laughter from the two front seats. I nearly had to pull over. He was singsonging about the wonders of Mexican food.

What Nick intended to say: "Bean burritos are the best burritos!"

What Nick actually said: "Bean burritos are the breast burritos!"

Naturally, this meant we had to mock him mercilessly. Additionally, my mother's brain somehow turned "bean" into "green bean" and this resulted in a very prank-call-resembling phone conversation between her and my father. She called, and, while dissolving back into hysterics, queried whether he wanted us to get him a "green breast burrito." Thank goodness her laugh's distinctive, or he would have hung up on her. She finally got herself under control enough to make a more serious inquiry into whether he wanted us to pick up dinner for him as well.

We are absolutely mature and elegant. Very much so.

P.S. I am free pretty much every evening except Wednesdays! Boston-area folk, please keep me from becoming antisocial once again!


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