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I hereby prematurely dub 2010 The Year of Clumsy Injuries. So far tonight I have had 2 freak injuries. ...the second one more-so than the first.

I walked into the corner of a railing earlier, so now there's a swollen bruise on my thigh, and then just as the clock reached midnight, I, kneeling on the living room floor, managed to catch my toe on an Unidentified Sharp Object. While on my way downstairs to get a band aid, I bled all over the kitchen floor, and therefore began the new year washing the floor.

At least I've got Erica here. I was depressed and antisocial all fall and haven't seen her in forever. Too bad Tabs had to go home.

And hey, if I started off the year with bruises and bloodloss, at least things have to go uphill from here!


Once again, thank you all for helping me through the year. You're wonderful, and I wish you all hope and joy in this year and all the years to follow.
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No year's summaries from me.  With how introspective I've been lately, I think it would get a little angsty.  Instead, I just want to say  thank you  to all of the friends who helped me make it through the past year, both those I've known for years and those I've met more recently.  I don't know what I'd do without any of you... besides be a depressed and reclusive mess, that is.  I wish I could go through and give you all the more personal thanks you deserve, but I think the list would be longer than any of you would care to read, and longer than I have time to write tonight.

For all my stress today, the multiple near-crashes on the snow-roads from hell, the thinking I would be snowed in at my uncle's... It's a pretty damn good day.  Any day I get to see some of my best friends is wonderful, even if they are acting like immature five year olds or creepy pervs half the time.  *has actually punched both her guests (on the arm) hard enough to hurt a little tonight... which she never does*  XD  At least I wasn't involved in the catfights; I'm the mother hen of the household at the moment, despite being the youngest.  Seriously, I left them alone for 10 minutes to take a shower, and came back down to yelling about abuse and boobs having been touched.  Me:  "Stop it!  Dinner's ready, get your butts in the kitchen and eat!"  (We all love each other, really, even when I'm covering my ears and going "LALALA, I DIDN'T HEAR THAT!")   Aaaaaaanyways...

Happy New Year!  I wish you all untold happiness in the coming year, since you deserve that and more.

...I'll be up all night, as I'm being forced to go outside at sunrise and shout my wishes for the new year, so feel free to call and help me stay awake!  (...I'm pretty sure my cell number never got deleted from my facebook if you have me friended on there and feel like harrassing me~)


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