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The person doing the meme gives you a colour of their choice, and you must list 10 things you can see from where you are sitting that are or feature the colour you're given. [ profile] fairytaledreams gave me blue!

1) Stitch plushie sitting on my stomach
2) Text on my National Coming Out Day shotglass from LEAP (Love and Equality for All People, my school's LGBT group) I use it to hold eraser caps, since I don't drink.
3) Bottle on my dresser containing wire rose and leather rose
4) Leather rose itself
5) Glass pendant hanging in my window
6) Bean bag cube I use as a backrest when I sit on the floor
7) Lamp on my desk
8) $4 XL boys' jacket from the Kohls clearance rack; the bro was getting one too, but his is red.
9) Bath towel, in part at least; it's purple, blue, and white
10) Favorite jeans: really dark, boot cut, and they look classier than jeans have any right to.


Some of you have heard about my woes this week. For those who haven't, it hasn't been too stellar. I fell down the stairs on Monday and hit my head. No concussion, but the headache was quite unpleasant. Then, I've had a minor stomach bug for the past few days. It needs to go away. Because I haven't heard from my afternoon professor since I emailed him a couple days ago, I think I am going to have to go to class anyway because I don't know whether or not he accepted my late assignment, and I need to talk to him about it.

I miss people. I've been isolating myself.
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Lesley closes at noon, and my first class wasn't till 2:30 today!
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I went upstairs for a nap at 6:15 or so last night, and no one woke me up, so I slept until 5:30, at which point I both needed to use the bathroom and had a borderline asthma attack because inability to breathe seems to be a side effect of sleeping lately. (It is not so much a repeat of the cold from hell, actually, as a minor cold coupled with a disaster of a sinus infection.) Then I IMed with Jackie for an hour and a half before going back to bed for 2 hours. Yay, I actually made up for my only 2 & 1/2 hours 2 nights ago. And now, I am going to knit like a maniac all day long in hopes of finishing my family's presents.

Obviously, school stuff done. All my assignments in, music final passed (with anywhere between an A and a C, as I've no idea specifically how well or poorly I did. Definitely passed though!) I SURVIVED MY FIRST SEMESTER BACK! I was so terrified that I wouldn't, for awhile. Had there been a repeat of Alfred I probably would've given up on ever going back to school.

5 of you have cards on the way, though I'm betting they won't make it there till the 26th. Everyone for whom I'm doing a general holiday greeting and not a red & green really Christmasy one has longer to wait. School just ate me alive at the end here, and I'm making the cards, so they're a little time consuming.



Oct. 3rd, 2009 04:07 pm
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...Vienna Teng is in Boston the first week of December, for 1 night. I've been keeping an eye on her tour schedule for the past year, waiting for a performance I could make it to. She's with Alex Wong, and Over the Rhine, who I also like if not quite so much.

Be right back, buying myself a ticket.

Really, I'll probably wait a couple days until I have a chance to see if people wanna come with. But excuse me while I go grin foolishly over the fact that she'll be here at Berklee, a very manageable location for me. I have added excuse to go in that I need to review a concert for my music class anyway.

If I wanted to see one of her individual performances, I could drive down to NYC for the 9:30 show the night before she's in Boston, but my mother looked at me like I was crazy when I proposed this.  Until I acquire transportation of my own, which would hopefully happen by then but I have no guarantees, my crazy plans generally require Mom's approval.


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