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I really want to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum at some point this fall. It's in Boston, fairly small, with a Sunday concert series. I'm thinking either Halloween afternoon if I'm getting together with anyone in the Boston area that night, or the 14th or 21st of November.

ANYBODY INTERESTED IN COMING ALONG? I'll still go, whether by myself or with my mom, if nobody else wants to come, of course, but I highly recommend it. My memories of the last time I was there are fuzzy, and I forgot the name of the museum for the longest time. When I managed to find it again while walking around Boston, I was very happy. The building's gorgeous, it's full of artwork, and there will be musicians performing!

Admission's only... 12 dollars for adults, 5 dollars for college students, and free if your name is Isabella. (I added that last one just because it amuses me; none of you are Isabellas, to the best of my knowledge.) Kids under 18 are free with an adult, but I think we're all grown ups here.

...Now that I think of it, student membership would be an awesome Christmas present for me. Note to self: Tell my parents I want this. I'll try to go pretty often during the spring and summer.
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Two of you should be as fangirlishly gleeful over this as I am.

She was a programmer, and she mentioned the "code is compiling!" strip; she said that she pondered what it would be like to be a truck driver and wrote some lyrics while code compiled. That's where Homecoming came from.

Aaaaaaaah. AND she played Grandmother Song with my grandmother in the audience. It was also such a small venue that we got to sit 5 feet from the stage and also talk to her briefly afterward, my grandma saying how much she enjoyed the show.

And ERIC'S SONG WAS THE SECOND ENCORE thanks to a very forceful fellow fan of it. That's my song of hers, and I was so disappointed it hadn't been played either time I'd seen her in concert. Especially since she's going to grad school in the fall and won't be performing full-time. So when she and Alex came back in and played it... Yes. I was SO HAPPY.

There is a picture of me with her, but since I do not carry a camera, it is in Erica's possession. (I went with Mom & Grandma & Erica. It was girls' night.)
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I will sum it up in the words of two absolutely non-HP characters. "DUDE!" "SWEET!" "Totally." and "That was totally wicked!"

I was close enough (though obviously not allowed) to touch SO MANY COSTUMES. SO MANY. School uniforms and Quidditch uniforms through the series, teachers' outfits, lots of the Yule Ball clothes... The costumes were definitely my favorite part.

I got to see all the detailing on the costumes and the wands, and they had life sized models of Buckbeak, 2 centaurs, a baby thestral, the head of the Hungarian Horntail, a petrified Colin Creevey (cue giggling from me), etc.

If anybody in the Boston area wants to go but still hasn't been, I've got museum membership, so you can get out of paying the required general admission and just pay the 5 bucks or something for special exhibit. I highly recommend to any HP fans. IT CLOSES SOON: THE 28th.


Postscript: On the way home, my mom & I were frustrated and semi-lost for awhile, so we raised morale by... tormenting my brother. We sang, very loudly and horribly off-key. We started with Take Me Out To The Ballgame, since we'd passed the Citgo sign, and continued with John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Father Abraham, and my personal favorite: Rare Bog, Rattling Bog.

It was lovely. And cacophonous.
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There's nothing quite so comforting when not feeling well as a favorite musical artist. It's a security blanket in audio form.

I've known for a long time now that Vienna Teng is that artist for me, but I had forgotten just how nice it is to snuggle down under the covers, close my eyes, and do nothing but listen.

I'm dizzy and achy and sneezy and nauseous and just don't want to face the world, but it all melts away in the first few notes of The Last Snowfall or Stray Italian Greyhound or Green Island Serenade.

And now, back to curling up with my headphones.
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I uploaded A Fine Frenzy's One Cell in the Sea album (go ahead and download if you'd like!) today for [ profile] theguindo after he mentioned Alison Sudol. She's absolutely adorable, and I love her music.

This song, unfortunately, will not be included in that download, because I have yet to acquire their newer album. I had to share though. It's got a catchy energetic tune but has a some more serious ideas in the lyrics, plus is just all around fun to watch. I had it on repeat for awhile earlier. She is so darn cute.

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AAAAH, that was AMAZING!

Tonight was the first time in years I have danced with other people around.

There was a capoeira group at my school tonight as part of the international/multicultural series and it was so wonderful. I am so glad I went. I walked by it partway through and hovered in the auditorium door for a moment before perching gingerly on the armrest of a chair. It took me several minutes to settle in, ditch the backpack and the tupperware & the brownie pan I was holding, and take off my coat.

The spectacular thing about this performance is that it wasn't just a performance to watch. They invited any students willing to come up onstage, and were great about maintaining a balance between including and putting on the spot. It was perfect because while you were pulled into the center of the circle to dance, you weren't alone there. One of the experienced dancers was with you, so there was an interaction to base your movements off of. They didn't leave you lost. The energy was wonderful. Just getting a chance to move while drawing on the energy of a group, without getting too self-conscious, was so very much exactly what I needed.

I almost didn't go up there; I debated for 5 minutes and nearly chickened out, but I knew I would regret it and surprisingly managed to force myself out of the chair. Granted, it would have been that nebulous sort of regret that comes from not knowing what you might have missed; if you've never done something, you can't know how much you would have enjoyed it, how rewarding it would have been. And this may have been the most rewarding thing I've done in years.

I was grinning foolishly my entire ride home. I actually started crying when I realized just how much I had missed moving and being part of a group. I'm so overemotional right now, in all the best ways.

Edit: I am aware that capoeira is technically in the realm of martial arts, but for the purposes of this post, it is a dance. Yes. I've decided to define it as a wonderful combination of the two.


Oct. 3rd, 2009 04:07 pm
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...Vienna Teng is in Boston the first week of December, for 1 night. I've been keeping an eye on her tour schedule for the past year, waiting for a performance I could make it to. She's with Alex Wong, and Over the Rhine, who I also like if not quite so much.

Be right back, buying myself a ticket.

Really, I'll probably wait a couple days until I have a chance to see if people wanna come with. But excuse me while I go grin foolishly over the fact that she'll be here at Berklee, a very manageable location for me. I have added excuse to go in that I need to review a concert for my music class anyway.

If I wanted to see one of her individual performances, I could drive down to NYC for the 9:30 show the night before she's in Boston, but my mother looked at me like I was crazy when I proposed this.  Until I acquire transportation of my own, which would hopefully happen by then but I have no guarantees, my crazy plans generally require Mom's approval.
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Except for X or Z... fine, I admit it, U or V either, and it's tied with J.

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post that to your journal with these instructions.

Okay, so here goes: K!

1. Kevin's Song (Goo Goo Dolls)~ I love instrumentals.
2. Kody (Matchbox 20)~ ...Is it wrong to put a smiley face next to a depressing song?
3. Konna ni Chikaku De (Crystal Kay)~ from the Nodame Cantabile soundtrack.
4. Kimi no Power to Otona no Furi (Ayaka)~ I love this one. Yes, the Japanese songs on here ARE quite fun, rhythm-wise.
5. Kryptonite (3 Doors Down)

Aaaand, from Jill: A!

1. Any Other World (Mika)~ A couple lines make this my theme song... I'll post lyrics.
2. Ashes and Wine (A Fine Frenzy)~ And as an added bonus, here, have another of her songs: Almost Lover.
3. As Long As You're Mine (from Wicked)~ No, I don't have an obsession with that play... 'kay, maybe a little.
4. All I Can Do (Chantal Kreviazuk)
5. Amie (Damien Rice)

Any Other World lyrics... and a little rambling )


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