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My family is rather wonderful.

And insane.

When I got home earlier this week, there was a wrapping-paper covered box on the table. Scraper and brush, a fastlane transponder (my mother is paying my tolls for the semester since I'm gonna be spending $30 a week on parking alone; clearly she is a wonderful human being), my dad's tomtom (he's ordered a new one, with a bigger screen, so he can actually SEE it), a gallon of wiper fluid, and a car charger for my phone that my dad found online for a dollar or two.

There's the wonderful. Now for the insane. I confess this amused me altogether too much.

Last night, Mom & Bro & I were out at the yarn store, where my mother was a bad influence and talked me into buying purple yarn to make my aunt a scarf. Granted, my aunt gave me her old car, so she definitely deserves a thank you present, but I was only planning on browsing.

On the way home, while discussing dinner possibilities, my brother misspoke, causing fits of convulsive laughter from the two front seats. I nearly had to pull over. He was singsonging about the wonders of Mexican food.

What Nick intended to say: "Bean burritos are the best burritos!"

What Nick actually said: "Bean burritos are the breast burritos!"

Naturally, this meant we had to mock him mercilessly. Additionally, my mother's brain somehow turned "bean" into "green bean" and this resulted in a very prank-call-resembling phone conversation between her and my father. She called, and, while dissolving back into hysterics, queried whether he wanted us to get him a "green breast burrito." Thank goodness her laugh's distinctive, or he would have hung up on her. She finally got herself under control enough to make a more serious inquiry into whether he wanted us to pick up dinner for him as well.

We are absolutely mature and elegant. Very much so.

P.S. I am free pretty much every evening except Wednesdays! Boston-area folk, please keep me from becoming antisocial once again!
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I made half a dozen muffin-sized pumpkin pies yesterday with my leftover pie filling from the relatively small pie I made earlier this week. They were adorable and delicious and I think I'm gonna have one for breakfast.

Also, I finished my hat last night! (...then discovered a dropped stitch and 3 stitches under it that had come undone and had to work them in again. *headdesk* I don't think I'll be working in this yarn again anytime soon.) But yay, I love hats. Too lazy for pictures right now, but eventually I will upload some. It's a beret with a pattern of lace type holes spiraling out from the center. It kinda makes me think of sand dollars or sea urchins. Blocked it overnight on a big plate and it looks better this morning than it did when I finished it. XD

I apologize for being so antisocial lately and not getting in touch with anybody. I've been feeling a little under the weather physically and emotionally.

On that note, I AM FREE TOMORROW FROM 4-9PM IN CAMBRIDGE! Any Boston area folks want to meet me for dinner or something? (evening class = canceled)

Darn it!

Nov. 22nd, 2009 07:35 am
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I screwed up my hat. I followed the decreases on the pattern. I really should've taken it off-needle and tried it on before knitting the last 8 rows, and I knew that, but I was dead tired and knitting while unable to sleep and too lazy. So now I have to pay for it. The hat's too small at the very bottom. I have to undo 10 rows and do 8 of them over again with more stitches. I unknit slower than I knit, so undoing and redoing will take over twice as long as it took in the first place.

...This is what I'm doing with my antisocial mood. Watching TV shows online and knitting until my arms start to hurt. I just hate screwing up and having to redo things. Patience is not one of my strong suits.

I'm gonna go sleep for a couple hours. So tired. My sleep schedule really messed up right now. In the past little-over-a-week, I have gotten no decent nights of sleep. Currently, I'm sleeping 1-4 AM, then awake till 8, then sleeping till almost noon when possible, which it usually isn't. Last weekend, it was staying up till 5AM and getting up at 9, with no going back to sleep. I'm gonna be doing nothing thanksgiving break but sleeping, at this rate.


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