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Spent the first weekend of March at the Tech Squares weekend at East Hill Farm. It was pretty fabulous. I managed to get a balance of social/time-to-myself that I hardly ever manage at an event like this, plus I tried new things and learned new things and saw new things, plus all the dancing.

I did less dancing, I think, than a lot of people at the weekend, but I feel like I got enough. Lots of squares, some contra, a waltz. Square dancing in the pool. Next year, I am going to try it on ice skates! (I chickened out this year; it's been so long since I last skated. Then again, I was also distracted by amazing wooden jigsaw puzzles during that block of time. A Wizard of Oz puzzle! With 3 pieces in the flying monkeys section that were actually SHAPED LIKE FLYING MONKEYS!) I felt really good about the dancing itself, how I adjusted after a couple of tips, and just about all of the people I danced with.

The cross country skiing was excellent. I love pretty much any excuse to wander round woods without any other people. Usually I do so on foot with Keila, but skiing was equally effective. It was a new physical skill, which meant a few falls and the source of some of the weekend's aches and pains, but I've always felt more emotionally stable while in motion. Skiing was faster than hiking, and I was contemplative in a different way than I am when moving more slowly. When you add in the sense of accomplishment from a new skill, plus being surrounded by trees the entire time, it was exactly as good for me as I hoped it might be.

Their easier trails are a maze of interconnected ones, so I explored every branch of the trail I could find and skiied the ones with the best snow conditions three times. I took Dad's camera along (in a ziploc bag inside its camera case), so now I've got photos of the trees and of my three new donkey friends. I fell on the icy hill after leaving the woods, you see, and stood up to find said donkeys staring at me as if wondering what possesses humans to do such foolish things. You would never catch a donkey on skis! Then they brayed at me until I extricated myself from the skis and went over to say hello.

Sunday I saw two lambs being born and then standing and taking their first steps. It was really cool. I've never seen any animals born before. I did much less cringing at bodily fluids and afterbirth than expected, and watching the lambs struggle to stand before finally managing it would have been worth overcoming a much stronger aversion. There's something about the shaky effort to get upright, and the triumph in said effort, that I feel really privileged to have witnessed. I went to lunch 15 minutes late because I wouldn't leave until the second lamb was on its feet. I've seen human babies as they struggle to stand, months after their birth, after crawling and standing with assistance, finally gaining the ability to do so on their own. Seeing that whole process compressed down into just a few minutes was really amazing.

I can't remember ever coming out of a weekend of this sort feeling as good as I do today. Part of it, I'm sure, is that we all had the connection of Tech Squares, which isn't the case at other big weekend events. You don't go into a convention knowing most of the people at least by sight, even if you do have a group of close friends present. Another part of it is that I let myself have the time I needed. I needed to ski by myself? Fine; there is no obligation to be social all the time, and I don't need an exit buddy. Needed to hide in the room and read a book? Good. Didn't want to play games or dance? That's alright. I got over my silly issues about "what if I miss something?" I don't feel like I missed anything. I got exactly what I wanted and what I needed.

Then I came home and slept for 3 hours.

And now, pictures! Various farm animals (including newborn lambs!), trees, snow.

No dancing because I hesitate to take photos of people without their consent. You'll just have to imagine that, or wheedle pictures out of someone else who was present. There's a sketched start of a self-portrait in progress, so maybe you'll at some point see how I did my hair Saturday night. I attempted sketching people while they danced, but my mental snapshot skills need some work. I'll try that every once in awhile on Tuesday nights, I think, and see if results improve.

Obviously below the cut is very image heavy, may or may not load slower than snail's pace, etc.

a fraction of my weekend in photo form )
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So are 1.345980804927

and 0.4095767098415

and 0.0000000000001

and 2.9999999999999.

Today, I would like to give all of you those numbers because, as typists the world over have long since realized, n, when n < 3, = a heart, and you've all won mine through charm or sincerity or courage or kindness or all of the above, plus something unique to you. I'm grateful to have you in my life.

I hope you're having a wonderful day and that life is being kind to you. If it's not, I have faith in your ability to pull through and make it to a better place again, and in the meantime, let me know if there's anything I can do, even if it's just listening or giving you a hug.
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I'm in Maryland for Thanksgiving, then I'm meeting my family in Long Island for the weekend. Going to see Harry Potter with our friends there, and in general hanging out with awesome people all week.

Latest entry in the bizarre injury chronicles:
Last night, I was sitting on one side of the sofa with my computer. I shifted to kneeling at the other end to go sit next to Rak or see something on his computer, I don't remember what exactly.

When I went to move back, SOMETHING (presumably a ligament) shifted in my right knee. I must have moved exactly wrong. I couldn't move my knee. I could neither bend it further nor straighten it. I started shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering, heart racing, and was really freaked out that I couldn't straighten my leg. About ten minutes later, still shaking and making with the teeth that sounded like maracas, it occurred to me that laying on this side for an extended period of time wouldn't be conducive to keeping my hip tendons from joining in the pain chorus.

When I tried to move, it hurt to not have my leg supported. (That knee had been resting on a few folds of a blanket when it happened.) And so, I put my hand underneath my thigh to move it... and whatever was out of place shifted back! I could move again! My fingertip hit in exactly the right place to apply the pressure needed to fix things. I had been rubbing my knee trying to feel out the problem to no avail, but that particular spot on my thigh just fixed it. It's a little sore but 100% functional and with full range of motion. Yay!
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Two of you should be as fangirlishly gleeful over this as I am.

She was a programmer, and she mentioned the "code is compiling!" strip; she said that she pondered what it would be like to be a truck driver and wrote some lyrics while code compiled. That's where Homecoming came from.

Aaaaaaaah. AND she played Grandmother Song with my grandmother in the audience. It was also such a small venue that we got to sit 5 feet from the stage and also talk to her briefly afterward, my grandma saying how much she enjoyed the show.

And ERIC'S SONG WAS THE SECOND ENCORE thanks to a very forceful fellow fan of it. That's my song of hers, and I was so disappointed it hadn't been played either time I'd seen her in concert. Especially since she's going to grad school in the fall and won't be performing full-time. So when she and Alex came back in and played it... Yes. I was SO HAPPY.

There is a picture of me with her, but since I do not carry a camera, it is in Erica's possession. (I went with Mom & Grandma & Erica. It was girls' night.)
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"Rak" (12:18:04 PM): *huuuuuuuuuuug*
"Rak" (12:18:22 PM): Wait, hug not big enough.
"Rak" (12:18:27 PM): *HUUUUUUUUUUUUG*
trichan868 (12:18:32 PM): heh
"Rak" (12:18:35 PM): There we go. ^_^
trichan868 (12:18:49 PM): Why is my hug wearing Orihime's hairpins?

And now, back to preparing my Human Services poster presentation.
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My family is rather wonderful.

And insane.

When I got home earlier this week, there was a wrapping-paper covered box on the table. Scraper and brush, a fastlane transponder (my mother is paying my tolls for the semester since I'm gonna be spending $30 a week on parking alone; clearly she is a wonderful human being), my dad's tomtom (he's ordered a new one, with a bigger screen, so he can actually SEE it), a gallon of wiper fluid, and a car charger for my phone that my dad found online for a dollar or two.

There's the wonderful. Now for the insane. I confess this amused me altogether too much.

Last night, Mom & Bro & I were out at the yarn store, where my mother was a bad influence and talked me into buying purple yarn to make my aunt a scarf. Granted, my aunt gave me her old car, so she definitely deserves a thank you present, but I was only planning on browsing.

On the way home, while discussing dinner possibilities, my brother misspoke, causing fits of convulsive laughter from the two front seats. I nearly had to pull over. He was singsonging about the wonders of Mexican food.

What Nick intended to say: "Bean burritos are the best burritos!"

What Nick actually said: "Bean burritos are the breast burritos!"

Naturally, this meant we had to mock him mercilessly. Additionally, my mother's brain somehow turned "bean" into "green bean" and this resulted in a very prank-call-resembling phone conversation between her and my father. She called, and, while dissolving back into hysterics, queried whether he wanted us to get him a "green breast burrito." Thank goodness her laugh's distinctive, or he would have hung up on her. She finally got herself under control enough to make a more serious inquiry into whether he wanted us to pick up dinner for him as well.

We are absolutely mature and elegant. Very much so.

P.S. I am free pretty much every evening except Wednesdays! Boston-area folk, please keep me from becoming antisocial once again!
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No year's summaries from me.  With how introspective I've been lately, I think it would get a little angsty.  Instead, I just want to say  thank you  to all of the friends who helped me make it through the past year, both those I've known for years and those I've met more recently.  I don't know what I'd do without any of you... besides be a depressed and reclusive mess, that is.  I wish I could go through and give you all the more personal thanks you deserve, but I think the list would be longer than any of you would care to read, and longer than I have time to write tonight.

For all my stress today, the multiple near-crashes on the snow-roads from hell, the thinking I would be snowed in at my uncle's... It's a pretty damn good day.  Any day I get to see some of my best friends is wonderful, even if they are acting like immature five year olds or creepy pervs half the time.  *has actually punched both her guests (on the arm) hard enough to hurt a little tonight... which she never does*  XD  At least I wasn't involved in the catfights; I'm the mother hen of the household at the moment, despite being the youngest.  Seriously, I left them alone for 10 minutes to take a shower, and came back down to yelling about abuse and boobs having been touched.  Me:  "Stop it!  Dinner's ready, get your butts in the kitchen and eat!"  (We all love each other, really, even when I'm covering my ears and going "LALALA, I DIDN'T HEAR THAT!")   Aaaaaaanyways...

Happy New Year!  I wish you all untold happiness in the coming year, since you deserve that and more.

...I'll be up all night, as I'm being forced to go outside at sunrise and shout my wishes for the new year, so feel free to call and help me stay awake!  (...I'm pretty sure my cell number never got deleted from my facebook if you have me friended on there and feel like harrassing me~)
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To make up for being whiny emo-Tri a little while ago...

I enjoyed leaving things for people on theirs, so I figured I'd put one up... If you search, you can find some interesting things. XD I laughed when like 4 results came up for tardis.

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

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Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

Feel free to respond whether you intend to post or not!

Edit: This may be my favorite meme ever.  I like getting to tell y'all I love you, and the ego boosts and warm fuzzy feelings you've given me certainly aren't unwelcome either.  ♥


Oct. 21st, 2008 09:11 pm
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My evening:
...My brother & I both had coughing fits... and then we started singing... He started it?
N: "Anything you can cough I can cough better!"
T: "I can cough anything better than you!"
N: "No you can't!"
T: "Yes I can!"
With each of out can/can'ts punctuated by coughs, until my coughs devolved into laughter. XD

On another good note, I've gone from being a recluse to having too many plans. I'm being more social than I've been since... I don't think I've ever been this social! At least, not on my own efforts. I'm getting out of the house so much, my dog may even start to miss me!

And it's definitely reflecting in my mood. I'm feeling so much better than I have in a really long time, and I need to put some music on so I won't feel stupid dancing around like an idiot. So for all my friends, both online and in person, I just want to extend a huge thanks, and let you know that you've made an immense difference in my life, and I love you.

Ha, see, I posted something that wasn't a meme or a stupid whiny rant. MUCH LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU. That is all.


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