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I'm in Maryland for Thanksgiving, then I'm meeting my family in Long Island for the weekend. Going to see Harry Potter with our friends there, and in general hanging out with awesome people all week.

Latest entry in the bizarre injury chronicles:
Last night, I was sitting on one side of the sofa with my computer. I shifted to kneeling at the other end to go sit next to Rak or see something on his computer, I don't remember what exactly.

When I went to move back, SOMETHING (presumably a ligament) shifted in my right knee. I must have moved exactly wrong. I couldn't move my knee. I could neither bend it further nor straighten it. I started shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering, heart racing, and was really freaked out that I couldn't straighten my leg. About ten minutes later, still shaking and making with the teeth that sounded like maracas, it occurred to me that laying on this side for an extended period of time wouldn't be conducive to keeping my hip tendons from joining in the pain chorus.

When I tried to move, it hurt to not have my leg supported. (That knee had been resting on a few folds of a blanket when it happened.) And so, I put my hand underneath my thigh to move it... and whatever was out of place shifted back! I could move again! My fingertip hit in exactly the right place to apply the pressure needed to fix things. I had been rubbing my knee trying to feel out the problem to no avail, but that particular spot on my thigh just fixed it. It's a little sore but 100% functional and with full range of motion. Yay!
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Stranded in Maryland due to migraine. Missing class. Might not be home for Thanksgiving.

Head feeling better enough to look for ways home now, then fling (not literally) computer from me before becoming sick again. Kept down two pieces of toast, at least!
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I hereby prematurely dub 2010 The Year of Clumsy Injuries. So far tonight I have had 2 freak injuries. ...the second one more-so than the first.

I walked into the corner of a railing earlier, so now there's a swollen bruise on my thigh, and then just as the clock reached midnight, I, kneeling on the living room floor, managed to catch my toe on an Unidentified Sharp Object. While on my way downstairs to get a band aid, I bled all over the kitchen floor, and therefore began the new year washing the floor.

At least I've got Erica here. I was depressed and antisocial all fall and haven't seen her in forever. Too bad Tabs had to go home.

And hey, if I started off the year with bruises and bloodloss, at least things have to go uphill from here!


Once again, thank you all for helping me through the year. You're wonderful, and I wish you all hope and joy in this year and all the years to follow.
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Please refrain from ever prying up giant pieces of ice again.  Or if you insist on doing so, for heaven's sake be careful.  Crying in pain due to throwing out your back is not exactly how you planned on spending your evening.

No love,
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