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I'm in Maryland for Thanksgiving, then I'm meeting my family in Long Island for the weekend. Going to see Harry Potter with our friends there, and in general hanging out with awesome people all week.

Latest entry in the bizarre injury chronicles:
Last night, I was sitting on one side of the sofa with my computer. I shifted to kneeling at the other end to go sit next to Rak or see something on his computer, I don't remember what exactly.

When I went to move back, SOMETHING (presumably a ligament) shifted in my right knee. I must have moved exactly wrong. I couldn't move my knee. I could neither bend it further nor straighten it. I started shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering, heart racing, and was really freaked out that I couldn't straighten my leg. About ten minutes later, still shaking and making with the teeth that sounded like maracas, it occurred to me that laying on this side for an extended period of time wouldn't be conducive to keeping my hip tendons from joining in the pain chorus.

When I tried to move, it hurt to not have my leg supported. (That knee had been resting on a few folds of a blanket when it happened.) And so, I put my hand underneath my thigh to move it... and whatever was out of place shifted back! I could move again! My fingertip hit in exactly the right place to apply the pressure needed to fix things. I had been rubbing my knee trying to feel out the problem to no avail, but that particular spot on my thigh just fixed it. It's a little sore but 100% functional and with full range of motion. Yay!
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Two of you should be as fangirlishly gleeful over this as I am.

She was a programmer, and she mentioned the "code is compiling!" strip; she said that she pondered what it would be like to be a truck driver and wrote some lyrics while code compiled. That's where Homecoming came from.

Aaaaaaaah. AND she played Grandmother Song with my grandmother in the audience. It was also such a small venue that we got to sit 5 feet from the stage and also talk to her briefly afterward, my grandma saying how much she enjoyed the show.

And ERIC'S SONG WAS THE SECOND ENCORE thanks to a very forceful fellow fan of it. That's my song of hers, and I was so disappointed it hadn't been played either time I'd seen her in concert. Especially since she's going to grad school in the fall and won't be performing full-time. So when she and Alex came back in and played it... Yes. I was SO HAPPY.

There is a picture of me with her, but since I do not carry a camera, it is in Erica's possession. (I went with Mom & Grandma & Erica. It was girls' night.)
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I will sum it up in the words of two absolutely non-HP characters. "DUDE!" "SWEET!" "Totally." and "That was totally wicked!"

I was close enough (though obviously not allowed) to touch SO MANY COSTUMES. SO MANY. School uniforms and Quidditch uniforms through the series, teachers' outfits, lots of the Yule Ball clothes... The costumes were definitely my favorite part.

I got to see all the detailing on the costumes and the wands, and they had life sized models of Buckbeak, 2 centaurs, a baby thestral, the head of the Hungarian Horntail, a petrified Colin Creevey (cue giggling from me), etc.

If anybody in the Boston area wants to go but still hasn't been, I've got museum membership, so you can get out of paying the required general admission and just pay the 5 bucks or something for special exhibit. I highly recommend to any HP fans. IT CLOSES SOON: THE 28th.


Postscript: On the way home, my mom & I were frustrated and semi-lost for awhile, so we raised morale by... tormenting my brother. We sang, very loudly and horribly off-key. We started with Take Me Out To The Ballgame, since we'd passed the Citgo sign, and continued with John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Father Abraham, and my personal favorite: Rare Bog, Rattling Bog.

It was lovely. And cacophonous.
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My family is rather wonderful.

And insane.

When I got home earlier this week, there was a wrapping-paper covered box on the table. Scraper and brush, a fastlane transponder (my mother is paying my tolls for the semester since I'm gonna be spending $30 a week on parking alone; clearly she is a wonderful human being), my dad's tomtom (he's ordered a new one, with a bigger screen, so he can actually SEE it), a gallon of wiper fluid, and a car charger for my phone that my dad found online for a dollar or two.

There's the wonderful. Now for the insane. I confess this amused me altogether too much.

Last night, Mom & Bro & I were out at the yarn store, where my mother was a bad influence and talked me into buying purple yarn to make my aunt a scarf. Granted, my aunt gave me her old car, so she definitely deserves a thank you present, but I was only planning on browsing.

On the way home, while discussing dinner possibilities, my brother misspoke, causing fits of convulsive laughter from the two front seats. I nearly had to pull over. He was singsonging about the wonders of Mexican food.

What Nick intended to say: "Bean burritos are the best burritos!"

What Nick actually said: "Bean burritos are the breast burritos!"

Naturally, this meant we had to mock him mercilessly. Additionally, my mother's brain somehow turned "bean" into "green bean" and this resulted in a very prank-call-resembling phone conversation between her and my father. She called, and, while dissolving back into hysterics, queried whether he wanted us to get him a "green breast burrito." Thank goodness her laugh's distinctive, or he would have hung up on her. She finally got herself under control enough to make a more serious inquiry into whether he wanted us to pick up dinner for him as well.

We are absolutely mature and elegant. Very much so.

P.S. I am free pretty much every evening except Wednesdays! Boston-area folk, please keep me from becoming antisocial once again!


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