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Lesley closes at noon, and my first class wasn't till 2:30 today!
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My family is rather wonderful.

And insane.

When I got home earlier this week, there was a wrapping-paper covered box on the table. Scraper and brush, a fastlane transponder (my mother is paying my tolls for the semester since I'm gonna be spending $30 a week on parking alone; clearly she is a wonderful human being), my dad's tomtom (he's ordered a new one, with a bigger screen, so he can actually SEE it), a gallon of wiper fluid, and a car charger for my phone that my dad found online for a dollar or two.

There's the wonderful. Now for the insane. I confess this amused me altogether too much.

Last night, Mom & Bro & I were out at the yarn store, where my mother was a bad influence and talked me into buying purple yarn to make my aunt a scarf. Granted, my aunt gave me her old car, so she definitely deserves a thank you present, but I was only planning on browsing.

On the way home, while discussing dinner possibilities, my brother misspoke, causing fits of convulsive laughter from the two front seats. I nearly had to pull over. He was singsonging about the wonders of Mexican food.

What Nick intended to say: "Bean burritos are the best burritos!"

What Nick actually said: "Bean burritos are the breast burritos!"

Naturally, this meant we had to mock him mercilessly. Additionally, my mother's brain somehow turned "bean" into "green bean" and this resulted in a very prank-call-resembling phone conversation between her and my father. She called, and, while dissolving back into hysterics, queried whether he wanted us to get him a "green breast burrito." Thank goodness her laugh's distinctive, or he would have hung up on her. She finally got herself under control enough to make a more serious inquiry into whether he wanted us to pick up dinner for him as well.

We are absolutely mature and elegant. Very much so.

P.S. I am free pretty much every evening except Wednesdays! Boston-area folk, please keep me from becoming antisocial once again!
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There's nothing quite so comforting when not feeling well as a favorite musical artist. It's a security blanket in audio form.

I've known for a long time now that Vienna Teng is that artist for me, but I had forgotten just how nice it is to snuggle down under the covers, close my eyes, and do nothing but listen.

I'm dizzy and achy and sneezy and nauseous and just don't want to face the world, but it all melts away in the first few notes of The Last Snowfall or Stray Italian Greyhound or Green Island Serenade.

And now, back to curling up with my headphones.
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I hereby prematurely dub 2010 The Year of Clumsy Injuries. So far tonight I have had 2 freak injuries. ...the second one more-so than the first.

I walked into the corner of a railing earlier, so now there's a swollen bruise on my thigh, and then just as the clock reached midnight, I, kneeling on the living room floor, managed to catch my toe on an Unidentified Sharp Object. While on my way downstairs to get a band aid, I bled all over the kitchen floor, and therefore began the new year washing the floor.

At least I've got Erica here. I was depressed and antisocial all fall and haven't seen her in forever. Too bad Tabs had to go home.

And hey, if I started off the year with bruises and bloodloss, at least things have to go uphill from here!


Once again, thank you all for helping me through the year. You're wonderful, and I wish you all hope and joy in this year and all the years to follow.
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Finished: brother's hat, grandma's scarf
Unfinished: mom's scarf, dad's hat

(Dad still said his new hat looks better than his old one, even though it's really only got a cuff and then an inch or two above that right now.)

And Mom's scarf was SO CLOSE to done I didn't wanna go to bed last night. But I was tired. She was very impressed with the pretty dropped yarn over stitch I used for the 5 inches at each end, and the main part of the scarf was seed stitch, which is generally my favorite stitch.

A lot of my presents this year were of the awesome lounge-about comfort variety: pjs, Bath and Body Works stuff in sweet pea and in eucalyptus spearmint, an I.O.U for a bathrobe because they couldn't find one I'd like in time, tea mug, and a couple books. I wholeheartedly approve of this relaxation trend in gifts. Plus I got an absolutely lovely scarf from my cousins; I can never have too many scarves.

Amusingly, the I.O.U. was one of my favorite presents. My dad really wanted me to have something to open, because everyone else in the family was getting a new bathrobe or snuggly blanket. So he wrapped up his new robe, addressed the gift to me, and wrote a note saying that this was his robe, and it could be redeemed for the purchase of a new bathrobe for me.

My biggest and best present, though, was a wheeled laptop bag, because my back and shoulders are a disaster and I was in agony a lot of days this fall. YAY, ONE LESS HEALTH PROBLEM TO WORRY ABOUT! I don't particularly like wheeling bags, but it's gotten to the point that I really need a bag like this and was kinda dreading the expense this spring.

Also, having my aunt and uncle and cousins over for brunch and present-exchanging was so nice. We always see them on Christmas, but usually not for a Christmas celebration. We're going over there later for birthday cake for my cousin; she's a Christmas baby.


I hope everybody is having a really nice day whether you celebrate the holiday or not. And for those of you who do celebrate it, merry Christmas!

...And my brother put Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Christmas on auto-repeat for over half an hour today. It is horribly stuck in my head now.

I watched Mickey's Christmas Carol yesterday. Return to childhood. It was wonderful.
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I went upstairs for a nap at 6:15 or so last night, and no one woke me up, so I slept until 5:30, at which point I both needed to use the bathroom and had a borderline asthma attack because inability to breathe seems to be a side effect of sleeping lately. (It is not so much a repeat of the cold from hell, actually, as a minor cold coupled with a disaster of a sinus infection.) Then I IMed with Jackie for an hour and a half before going back to bed for 2 hours. Yay, I actually made up for my only 2 & 1/2 hours 2 nights ago. And now, I am going to knit like a maniac all day long in hopes of finishing my family's presents.

Obviously, school stuff done. All my assignments in, music final passed (with anywhere between an A and a C, as I've no idea specifically how well or poorly I did. Definitely passed though!) I SURVIVED MY FIRST SEMESTER BACK! I was so terrified that I wouldn't, for awhile. Had there been a repeat of Alfred I probably would've given up on ever going back to school.

5 of you have cards on the way, though I'm betting they won't make it there till the 26th. Everyone for whom I'm doing a general holiday greeting and not a red & green really Christmasy one has longer to wait. School just ate me alive at the end here, and I'm making the cards, so they're a little time consuming.

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Will be done at 9 tomorrow night. Just need to make it through the next two days and get my English papers in and pass my music final which is going to be really difficult.

Thank you to everyone who sent me holiday cards! They made me happy. Unfortunately, mine will be going out late. My goal is to mail a few tomorrow, in which case if I'm lucky some of you will get your cards before Christmas. Otherwise, getting your card late does not mean I love you any less. School has eaten me alive. Plus, I said, "screw shopping" this year and am making presents for my whole family, which is also taking up considerable time.

I am so tired.

Christmas trees smell nice. I wish they were soft and not prickly. I want to wrap myself up in a blanket of fresh pine tree scent and curl up for awhile.
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I uploaded A Fine Frenzy's One Cell in the Sea album (go ahead and download if you'd like!) today for [ profile] theguindo after he mentioned Alison Sudol. She's absolutely adorable, and I love her music.

This song, unfortunately, will not be included in that download, because I have yet to acquire their newer album. I had to share though. It's got a catchy energetic tune but has a some more serious ideas in the lyrics, plus is just all around fun to watch. I had it on repeat for awhile earlier. She is so darn cute.

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-Lipstick recommendations! Lipstick is the only makeup I wear regularly. Or, I should say, wore regularly. My skin is really sensitive, and lipstick and chapstick in particular tend to cause reactions. Also, anything containing peppermint oil is bad (such as my favorite lip gloss, much to my dismay). Almay stopped making Pure Tints, and I haven't had any lipstick since. Currently, I'm using Nivea's Kiss of Moisture lip balm, and have not yet had a reaction from it, so if anyone wants me to give them the ingredients list for that to use in a quest for me, I'd love it. Or if you can think of anything offhand that's good for horribly sensitive skin.

-Do You Hear What I Hear, and Carol of the Bells - Specifically, a female vocalist's recording of Do You Hear What I Hear, without all the embellishments heard in versions that receive radio play. I like the lovely, simple, more traditional, sound. (I wouldn't mind the Bing Crosby version of it too, but the female vocalist version is something I've been searching for for years.) Other pretty, possibly calming, and not at all pop-type music or recommendations thereof, Christmas-related or not, is welcome also, since it's what I've been in the mood for. Music is always a good thing.

-Do something nice for someone, start a conversation with a friend you haven't talked to in awhile, brighten someone's day somehow. And feel free to tell me about it. I need to be a lot better about doing this, and reminders to do so are always welcome.
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I made half a dozen muffin-sized pumpkin pies yesterday with my leftover pie filling from the relatively small pie I made earlier this week. They were adorable and delicious and I think I'm gonna have one for breakfast.

Also, I finished my hat last night! (...then discovered a dropped stitch and 3 stitches under it that had come undone and had to work them in again. *headdesk* I don't think I'll be working in this yarn again anytime soon.) But yay, I love hats. Too lazy for pictures right now, but eventually I will upload some. It's a beret with a pattern of lace type holes spiraling out from the center. It kinda makes me think of sand dollars or sea urchins. Blocked it overnight on a big plate and it looks better this morning than it did when I finished it. XD

I apologize for being so antisocial lately and not getting in touch with anybody. I've been feeling a little under the weather physically and emotionally.

On that note, I AM FREE TOMORROW FROM 4-9PM IN CAMBRIDGE! Any Boston area folks want to meet me for dinner or something? (evening class = canceled)

Darn it!

Nov. 22nd, 2009 07:35 am
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I screwed up my hat. I followed the decreases on the pattern. I really should've taken it off-needle and tried it on before knitting the last 8 rows, and I knew that, but I was dead tired and knitting while unable to sleep and too lazy. So now I have to pay for it. The hat's too small at the very bottom. I have to undo 10 rows and do 8 of them over again with more stitches. I unknit slower than I knit, so undoing and redoing will take over twice as long as it took in the first place.

...This is what I'm doing with my antisocial mood. Watching TV shows online and knitting until my arms start to hurt. I just hate screwing up and having to redo things. Patience is not one of my strong suits.

I'm gonna go sleep for a couple hours. So tired. My sleep schedule really messed up right now. In the past little-over-a-week, I have gotten no decent nights of sleep. Currently, I'm sleeping 1-4 AM, then awake till 8, then sleeping till almost noon when possible, which it usually isn't. Last weekend, it was staying up till 5AM and getting up at 9, with no going back to sleep. I'm gonna be doing nothing thanksgiving break but sleeping, at this rate.
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AAAAH, that was AMAZING!

Tonight was the first time in years I have danced with other people around.

There was a capoeira group at my school tonight as part of the international/multicultural series and it was so wonderful. I am so glad I went. I walked by it partway through and hovered in the auditorium door for a moment before perching gingerly on the armrest of a chair. It took me several minutes to settle in, ditch the backpack and the tupperware & the brownie pan I was holding, and take off my coat.

The spectacular thing about this performance is that it wasn't just a performance to watch. They invited any students willing to come up onstage, and were great about maintaining a balance between including and putting on the spot. It was perfect because while you were pulled into the center of the circle to dance, you weren't alone there. One of the experienced dancers was with you, so there was an interaction to base your movements off of. They didn't leave you lost. The energy was wonderful. Just getting a chance to move while drawing on the energy of a group, without getting too self-conscious, was so very much exactly what I needed.

I almost didn't go up there; I debated for 5 minutes and nearly chickened out, but I knew I would regret it and surprisingly managed to force myself out of the chair. Granted, it would have been that nebulous sort of regret that comes from not knowing what you might have missed; if you've never done something, you can't know how much you would have enjoyed it, how rewarding it would have been. And this may have been the most rewarding thing I've done in years.

I was grinning foolishly my entire ride home. I actually started crying when I realized just how much I had missed moving and being part of a group. I'm so overemotional right now, in all the best ways.

Edit: I am aware that capoeira is technically in the realm of martial arts, but for the purposes of this post, it is a dance. Yes. I've decided to define it as a wonderful combination of the two.


Oct. 7th, 2009 11:37 am
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I've got dumplings sizzling in a frying pan right now, and surprisingly have managed to put a decent amount of them back in my freezer, not cooking and eating them all.

Brandon, wherever we get together when Prime's home, it would be good if it were at someone's house rather than out and about so I could use a kitchen; I have pork-free dumplings here with her name on them.  I'll make noodles too if you guys want.

And then once they're all eaten I have an excuse to go back into Chinatown to the grocery store again.  XD
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New layout!  I love sparklers.  Took this picture a couple years ago.

And I finally gave in and upgraded to plus.  The debates for icon slots have already started.  It's the reason I never swapped out my old 6.  There were just too many I wanted to replace them with!


Oct. 3rd, 2009 04:07 pm
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...Vienna Teng is in Boston the first week of December, for 1 night. I've been keeping an eye on her tour schedule for the past year, waiting for a performance I could make it to. She's with Alex Wong, and Over the Rhine, who I also like if not quite so much.

Be right back, buying myself a ticket.

Really, I'll probably wait a couple days until I have a chance to see if people wanna come with. But excuse me while I go grin foolishly over the fact that she'll be here at Berklee, a very manageable location for me. I have added excuse to go in that I need to review a concert for my music class anyway.

If I wanted to see one of her individual performances, I could drive down to NYC for the 9:30 show the night before she's in Boston, but my mother looked at me like I was crazy when I proposed this.  Until I acquire transportation of my own, which would hopefully happen by then but I have no guarantees, my crazy plans generally require Mom's approval.
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I am somewhat tempted to tell people that all I want for my birthday this year is books.  I doubt my family will buy me volumes of Bleach, but regular books are a very common thing for me to want, so...

I'm asking for must-reads.  I'm a bookworm who will read just about anything, but I have a soft spot for fantasy.
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Please refrain from ever prying up giant pieces of ice again.  Or if you insist on doing so, for heaven's sake be careful.  Crying in pain due to throwing out your back is not exactly how you planned on spending your evening.

No love,
Your Spine
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I was bored and having trouble motivating myself to do anything... so I stole this from Jackie.

When we role-play, we tend to pick up a variety of characters. They could be ones that we like, ones that we want to experiment with, or ones that we just end up making from scratch. Eventually, we come to associate with (some of) them in one way or another. Out of all the characters (past or present) I role-play, pick out the one I am most like and tell me why you think so.

Ty Lee (Avatar)
Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
Nana "Hachi" Komatsu (Nana)
Hana Inuzuka (Naruto)
Elphaba Thropp (Wicked)
Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Shizuru Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
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No year's summaries from me.  With how introspective I've been lately, I think it would get a little angsty.  Instead, I just want to say  thank you  to all of the friends who helped me make it through the past year, both those I've known for years and those I've met more recently.  I don't know what I'd do without any of you... besides be a depressed and reclusive mess, that is.  I wish I could go through and give you all the more personal thanks you deserve, but I think the list would be longer than any of you would care to read, and longer than I have time to write tonight.

For all my stress today, the multiple near-crashes on the snow-roads from hell, the thinking I would be snowed in at my uncle's... It's a pretty damn good day.  Any day I get to see some of my best friends is wonderful, even if they are acting like immature five year olds or creepy pervs half the time.  *has actually punched both her guests (on the arm) hard enough to hurt a little tonight... which she never does*  XD  At least I wasn't involved in the catfights; I'm the mother hen of the household at the moment, despite being the youngest.  Seriously, I left them alone for 10 minutes to take a shower, and came back down to yelling about abuse and boobs having been touched.  Me:  "Stop it!  Dinner's ready, get your butts in the kitchen and eat!"  (We all love each other, really, even when I'm covering my ears and going "LALALA, I DIDN'T HEAR THAT!")   Aaaaaaanyways...

Happy New Year!  I wish you all untold happiness in the coming year, since you deserve that and more.

...I'll be up all night, as I'm being forced to go outside at sunrise and shout my wishes for the new year, so feel free to call and help me stay awake!  (...I'm pretty sure my cell number never got deleted from my facebook if you have me friended on there and feel like harrassing me~)
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To make up for being whiny emo-Tri a little while ago...

I enjoyed leaving things for people on theirs, so I figured I'd put one up... If you search, you can find some interesting things. XD I laughed when like 4 results came up for tardis.

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at


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